A few disgruntled peanut farmers in the Florida
Peanut Federation are proposing to dismantle the
Peanut Program and devalue our farms.

The Florida Peanut Federation (FPF) is proposing to dramatically reduce the reference price within the Peanut Program and eliminate base for all commodity crops.

Lowering the reference price would put many peanut farmers out of business, ripping our communities apart while only improving the ability of a select few to grow more peanuts.

Eliminating base for all commodity crops would gut the Peanut Program and the certainty it affords growers ability to plan for the future and invest in their farms. It would immediately devalue farms, threatening growers’ fundamental ability to survive. The consequences would not only negatively impact farmers but consumers worldwide as the price of commodity crops would surely increase.

All of us must stand together and stand up for the Peanut Program, which benefits the vast majority of peanut farmers promoting economic stability on our farms and in our communities.

Stand together
for our farms.

Our farms and communities depend on the Peanut Program.
Help ensure it stays in place.

benefits of
Our Longstanding
Peanut Program

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